Maryland Group Life Insurance

Group Life

Maryland Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is an attractive benefit you can offer to your small business employees. Group life insurance is meant to supplement your employees’ individual life insurance policies. Typically, the policy will cover anywhere from one to three times your employee’s salary.

Below are some features that make group life insurance an attractive benefit to you and your employees:

  • Rates are set by the risk of the group as a whole. That means your employees won’t have to answer questions about their lifestyle or undergo the medical testing that is often required by individual plans.
  • It’s easy. Since it’s typically paid via payroll deduction, your employees simply sign up during benefits enrollment and the money automatically comes out of their paycheck.
  • Your third party provider manages all of the details. You don’t have to focus on who is covered, for how much, or at what rate. So, not only is it easy for your employees, but it’s easy for you too.


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