Erie Insurance in Mount Airy

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance in Mount Airy

Erie Insurance is just one of several companies that Browning Reagle offers coverage. From it’s modest roots in 1925 as a Pennsylvania auto insurer, they’ve grown to become a multi-line insurance company, offering auto, home, business and life insurance through their network of independent insurance Agents.

Today, their geographic presence extends to 12 states and the District of Columbia, serving several million insurance customers. From New York to North Carolina and from Wisconsin to Tennessee,they continue to carry out their founding purpose:

“To provide our Policyholders with as near perfect protection, as near perfect service as is humanly possible and to do so at the lowest possible cost.”

At Erie Insurance, they adhere to disciplined underwriting, fair pricing and a prudent investment philosophy. These factors have contributed to their ability to earn consistently superior ratings in the insurance industry. The combination of a quality agency force, a commitment to customer service and the financial stability provided by Erie Insurance Group assures you that we’ll be there when you need us most.

J.D. Power has recently ranked Erie Insurance as “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with the Auto Insurance Purchase Experience” in both 2012 & 2013, and was just shy of the award again in 2014. Regardless, Erie Insurance remains among the top ranks in terms of customer satisfaction in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Browning Reagle Insurance has proudly offered coverage by Erie Insurance since our founding in 1957, and earned numerous awards and accolades from Erie along the way.  Among these recognitions, in 1986 & 2011 we were honored with Erie’s most prestigious award, the F.W. Hirt Quality Agent Award, which is given to only one agency each year. Today, Erie Insurance remains our primary insurance provider.

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When we moved to Tennessee and Browning Reagle was able to get us such a great rate on our insurance from Erie, I was trilled! Of course, as with anything, a low price without good service is a false economy.

Unfortunately, I recently had an opportunity to experience Erie’s service. On Tuesday morning, a truck threw a rock onto my windshield causing a spiderweb break. That evening, I saw on my insurance card that Erie has a separate 800 number for glass damage. I called and within minutes had an appointment with the local Safelite shop (I was given the choice to have them come to me, but going to the shop worked out better for me in this case). By noon Friday, I had a new windshield (and wiper blades!) with no hassle! Erie handled all of the paperwork with Safelite before I arrived and I got in & out quickly.

With my prior insurer, I had to call the insurance company to get a list of approved glass shops (let’s see, there’s Safelite and … ?), then wait up to three days for them to send me some paperwork. Then I could start calling glass shops to schedule the repair. With Erie, I made one call and I was done! So Erie Insurance wins on price & service! And I win in so many ways as well.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction!