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Companies We Represent

Browning Reagle Insurance Providers & Disclaimer

Browning Reagle Insurance Agency is an independent agency appointed to do business with a multitude of insurance providers including, but not limited to:

As such, we are able to provide insurance coverage to our clients on behalf of said providers.

Browning Reagle Insurance Agency is licensed to provide coverage in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Ohio.  While our agency is able to provide insurance in said states, certain insurance providers we represent may not operate in all of them.  Therefore, coverage options will be offered based on which providers are available in the applicant’s state of residence/operation.

Please Note:

Pricing of premiums will vary.  Not all applicants will be eligible for insurance coverage.  Eligibility is subject to the underwriting qualifications of each risk, including but not limited to:

  • Personal insurance history
  • Type of vehicle(s) and usage
  • Credit history
  • Previous claims records, and
  • Insurance score

If you are not eligible for coverage by a particular carrier, as a representative of multiple providers we will provide you with the best alternative which suits your needs.